Manually Importing Root Code Signing Certificate

The InboxRULES applications and their installers are digitally signed to ensure users can trust where it came from. We switched from using a digital signature reliant on a Comodo Root Certificate to one using our own InboxRULES Root CA certificate. By downloading and installing this certificate you will therefore be able to verify the trustworthiness of our applications.

  1. Download and save the InboxRULES Root CA certificate from here: inboxrules_root_ca.crt. Double click on save inboxrules_root_ca.crt, this will open a new dialog. Check and click 'Install Certificate'.
  2. Select 'Current User' as Store Location and click Next.
  3. Check 'Place all certificate in the following store' and click Browse.
  4. In a new dialog select 'Trusted Root Certification Authorities' and click OK.
  5. Now we are back in the previous dialog. Check Certificate store field ('Trusted Root Certification Authorities') and click Next.
  6. Check again that you selected correct Certification store ('Trusted Root Certification Authorities') and click Finish.
  7. There is a final security check before installation of CA certificate. You should check certificate name and thumbprint. If everything is correct click Finish.

    Name: InboxRULES Root CA
    Thumbprint (sha1): 06038193 EC50E847 D610358A D86733FE 6E2306F3
    Thumbprint (sha256): 44B0BBDE DA4A28AC 37213E09 8649B2CA C49E0C8C F0CF9E50 55BF1815 26F45AA9
    Thumbprint (md5): 99B7A77C 9CFAD21B 5D1B0C18 DFD341B1
  8. Certificate is installed.
  9. It should then be possible to re-run and complete the installation.