KB#13: InboxRULES was successfully installed but it doesn't show up in Outlook. It's not in COM add-ins list or disabled items

You should run installation program as administrator by choosing Run as administrator option in right click menu. But you have to be logged on as user which you normally use for running MS Outlook, not other user account.

1) Right click on install program (e.g. irce278.exe) and choose Run as administrator

run as administratorrun as administrator

2) Follow the steps of the Installation Wizard

3) Now you can open MS Outlook and check if the add-in appeared under the InboxRULES tab. If not you should check if InboxRULES is listed between active application add-ins (File / Options / Add-Ins) or between inactive/disabled applications add-ins.

outlook add-ins listoutlook add-ins list

Please note that it might be important to select the Run as administrator option even if you are logged in as Administrator and have the Admin rights on your PC.