Respond Message for Outlook

version: 2.04.1, 1/31/20 • license: trialware • price: $39.95  DownloadPurchase

Respond to Emails in Outlook Easily

Respond Message is a powerful add-in for MS Outlook that helps Outlook users to automate the process of forwarding emails or replying to them.

Forward Message

forwarding message to specified recipients

it's possible to add:

Extract Message for Outlook

version: 2.15, 1/31/20 • license: trialware • price: $39.95  DownloadPurchase

Extract Data from Emails in Outlook

Extract Message action can automatically extract data from messages (sender's and recipient's info, subject, body, delivery time, etc.) when they arrive to MS Outlook account and store them into a file, Outlook folder or Personal Address Book. After saving data to the file it is possible to launch program with saved filename as a parameter.

Extract Message is often used to save web-form data sent from a website into the file or Outlook Contacts folder.

Print Message for Outlook

version: 2.67, 1/31/20 • license: trialware • price: $39.95  DownloadPurchase

Print Emails in Outlook to any Printer Easily

Print Message is a MS Outlook add-in which purpose is to automate the process of printing out email messages including their attachments after they are delivered or are sent.

Emails are printed in plain, RTF or HTML format with an option to customize message header and include attachments info.

Print Message has build-in support for printing HTML format. Graphics and pdf files are printed through 3rd party software, other formats are printed through applications associated to attachments type.

Save Message for Outlook

version: 2.63.1, 1/31/20 • license: trialware • price: $39.95  DownloadPurchase

Save Emails in Outlook to Hard Drive Easily

Save Message is a powerful add-in for MS Outlook that helps Outlook users to automate the process of saving email messages and attachments to disk or net folders.

This action allows users to save messages including their attachments from selected mailbox folder*) as well as incoming and outgoing emails. In addition, the action allows the users to define their own rules for auto saving the messages and/or attachments in delivered or sent emails. Depending on the requirement, multiple rules can be created for processing email messages and attachments.

Email can be saved in plain, RTF, HTML or native Outlook format. There is a possibility to customize message header in the save file and to include attachments info to the saved file. Save Message can work with attachments which were included or embedded to the message or which were included to the message as OLE object.

Built-in actions

Move/Copy Message action

This action moves/copies a message to defined folder. If you have entered more actions in one rule, you should place this action as last one.

move/copy message action

Move/Copy Message action is included in InboxRULES for Outlook 2.75 and higher.

Tag Message action

This action can mark a message as read or unread.