Extract Message for Outlook

version: 2.15, 1/31/20
license: trialware
price: $39.95

Extract Data from Emails in Outlook

Extract Message action can automatically extract data from messages (sender's and recipient's info, subject, body, delivery time, etc.) when they arrive to MS Outlook account and store them into a file, Outlook folder or Personal Address Book. After saving data to the file it is possible to launch program with saved filename as a parameter.

Extract Message is often used to save web-form data sent from a website into the file or Outlook Contacts folder.

Extract Message saves your time. You need not anymore reenter information that are included in an incoming or outgoing message. Extract Message automates this process.



  • data information from a message fields (such as the sender‘s information, subject, body, delivery time etc.) or their segments.
  • text after keyword or selected range of characters can be extracted from the message field.


  • file
  • Outlook folder such as Contacts, Tasks, etc.
  • Contact folder
  • Personal address book

following schema displays one example of possible usages

web visitor fills out the form and submit the data   submitted data appears in your Inbox
Web-form Arrow Message
Extract Message action creates the new contact in the Contact folder ...   ... or stores the data into the text file
Contact   File

examples of use

  • The web-form data sent from your web page to your Outlook Inbox are recognized and automatically stored into the file or Outlook Contacts folder.
  • Sender/Recipient info can be extracted from an incoming/ougoing message and stored into the delimited file or Contacts folder.
  • Extracted data stored into the file can be immediately processed with the other program (i.e. imported to the database file, transfer to the web).


Prior to evaluating Extract Message action it's necessary to download and install InboxRULES Engine according your environment (client side or server side version). InboxRULES Engine can also be installed automatically during running Extract Message installation.

Extract Message action replaces CaTrap (our other custom action for MS Outlook Rules) which was discontinued.