version: 1.3, 5/26/02
license: trialware

This product was discontinued. I was replaced by Extract Message for Outlook.

message extract manager custom action

CaTrap for Windows 95/98/NT is a custom action for MS Outlook 97/98/2000 Rules Wizard and MS Exchange Inbox Assistant.

main features

CaTrap adds message extract manager custom action which automatically extracts the data from an incoming or outgoing message and stores them either into the File, Outlook Folder, or Personal Address Book.

CaTrap saves your time. You need not anymore reenter information that are included in an incoming or outgoing message. CaTrap automates this process.

 Web visitor fills out the form and submit the data.   Submitted data appears in your Inbox.
CaTrap creates the new contact in the Contact folder ...   ... or stores the data into the text file.

Attention: Be sure that either you've installed Rules Wizard to your MS Outlook or you're connected to MS Exchange Server.

what is catrap for

  • CaTrap extracts data information from an incoming or outgoing message fields (such as the sender‘s information, subject, body, delivery time etc.).
  • Only text after keyword or selected range of characters can be extracted from the message field.
  • CaTrap stores extracted data into the file. You can define the file type, append or create mode, horizontal or vertical arrangement, data separator, text qualifier and program  execution after storing.
  • CaTrap stores extracted data into the Outlook folder (such as Contacts, Tasks, ...) - folder standard fields (such as Full name, E-mail address, Mail address, etc.) or user defined fields.
  • In case the selected folder is the Contact folder you can specify what to do if contact item in contact folder already exists. It can be added, modified, not added, or removed.
  • CaTrap stores an incoming message sender‘s information into the Personal Address Book.

examples of use

  • The web-form data sent from your web page to your Outlook Inbox are recognized and automatically stored into the file or Outlook Contacts folder (see Example).
  • Sender/Recipient info can be extracted from an incoming/ougoing message and stored into the delimited file or Contacts folder.
  • Extracted data stored into the file can be immediately processed with the other program (i.e. imported to the database file, transfer to the web).

what's new

template wizard

  • Template Wizard simplifies the template creating (the template defines the way of data extraction and storing).
  • Template Wizard uses predefined types of templates.
  • Keywords for data extracting from web-form message are parsed automatically from the web-form message.
  • Automatic mapping of the folder fields from extracted data.
  • Insert template function to insert a copy of template from the other CaTrap definitions.
  • Export of templates to the file.
  • Import of templates from the file.
  • User-defined-fields are displayed immediately in folder fields list (you need not enter them).


  • If After keyword is entered and Before keyword is empty the text is extracted to the end of the line.
  • Implicit setting of folder fileds Categories, Importance, Flag-for-Follow-up and Sensitivity with constant value.
  • One extracted data can be stored into more folder fields.
  • Append mode - extracted data can be appended to the old folder field value (in case of modifying the folder entry) and separated with selected separator. 
  • Option of removing leading and trailing spaces of extracted data (default setting).
  • Inverted commas in keywords can be used in Keywords text value.

new extracted message fields

  • Importance.
  • Sent.
  • Transport headers - useful for deleting contacts in case of an undeliverable message.

new folder destination fields

  • Address City+State+Zip - new folder pseudo-field for parsing of one line expression "Columbia, MO 65202".
  • Categories.
  • Importance.
  • Modified.

offer for beginners

In case you have troubles with template definition we can create your first template for you.

Please send us an e-mail with description what do you want to extract from an incoming message (it's better to insert an example of a message) and where do you want to store the extracted information.

Enter "I am CaTrap beginner" into Subject.


  • MS Windows 95/98 or MS Windows NT 3.51/4.0
  • MS Exchange Client (Windows Messaging) connected to MS Exchange Server or MS Outlook 97/98/2000 with installed Rules Wizard (don't have to be connected to MS Exchange Server)

Please visit my CaTrap FAQ page to learn more about some features.

More details about CaTrap you can also gain from CaTrap Online Documentation.


CaTrap is not free software

You have the opportunity to try the program 30 days at no charge to see if it meets your needs. If you use this software after the 30 day evaluation period a registration fee is required. Credit card ordering and quantity discounts are available. More details you can find on Purchase a License page.

Also don't forget to visit the complete price list which inform you about various license types and quantity discounts.


Now, you can download 30 days trial version of CaTrap 1.2.