version: 1.53, 8/1/02
os: Windows 2000/XP
license: trialware

This product was discontinued. It was partially replaced by InboxRULES for Outlook Bundle which works in the same way but just now has less actions than ExLife. But we plan to add all ExLife's actions in the future.

inbox, outbox and folder assistant for ms exchange/outlook client

ExLife for Windows 95/98/NT enhances the MS Exchange Client, MS Windows Messaging and MS Outlook 97/98/2000 by adding useful features.

main features

ExLife helps you manage your e-mail messages by using rules to automatically or manually perform actions on messages. When you create a rule, it is a applied when messages arrive in your Inbox, when you send a message or when a message is created in a folder. For example, you can automatically:

  • Forward all messages sent by Diana Murphy to your manager when they arrive in your Inbox.
  • Add all senders to your address book
  • Print all messages with Order in the subject

ExLife works in two basic modes: online and offline. In online mode the actions are automatically performed on incoming, outgoing or created messages. In offline mode the actions are performed on the messages in chosen folder.

online processing

  • inbox assistant: apply these rules when the message arrives
  • outbox assistant: apply these rules when the message is sent
  • folder assistant: apply these rules when the message is created in defined folders

offline processing

  • folder assistant: apply these rules on the messages in the selected folder

standard and professional version

ExLife is possible to buy is two versions - standard and professional.

professional version has these additional features against standard version:

  • it's possible to create more than 3 virtual folders
  • folder assistant can contain rules for more than 3 folders
  • message custom fields printing
  • message pictures printing (included to the message by OLE)

what's new

  • file (sender) action - move messages to subfolders according sender email address
  • file (recipient) action - move messages to subfolders according recipient email address
  • stop processing action - stop applying rules on message
  • set reply address priority in reply action
  • implemented improved print action (the same as in CaPrint 1.21)
  • fixed folder setting in move, copy, address book manager actions, when you move your pst or ost data file
  • professional version now supports custom fields' printing
  • fixed saving rules when ExLife contains hundreds of them
  • Internet email account property: possible to test through what internet email account message came to Exchange/Outlook
  • Flag for Follow up property
  • all messages property: the condition is fulfilled by all messages
  • ability to copy rules, filters and conditions
  • decoding redirected messages in the inbox after Exchange/Outlook start  (correct the error when messages come to mailbox and the client is offline)
  • setting font in "print action" property, setting paper type and orientation in "print action" property
  • Exchange/Outlook shut down properly when the client is connected to the Exchange Server



  • Moving messages to selected folders
  • Copying messages to selected folders
  • Deleting messages
  • Marking messages as read
  • Marking messages as unread
  • Replying (is possible specified text, attachments, subject, prefix, reply to all, including original text, appending signature. Reply text can be specified either in the dialog edit box or in the text file - RTF format is supported)
  • Forwarding (forwarding to as many recipients as you want. It's possible specified annotation, attachments, subject, prefix, including original text, appending signature. Annotation can be specified either in the dialog edit box or in the text file - RTF format is supported)
  • Redirect (message is sent to other recipients with keeping original sender and recipients information - ExLife must be installed on both sides)
  • Address Book Manager (sender's and recipients' information can be added or deleted from Contact folder or Personal address book)
  • Print action - it's possible to print message's body and message's attachments (with program which is associated with attachments' extension). It means that it allows to print not only incoming faxes but also doc, xls, txt and other files (if they are associated)
  • Save message - it saves message body to a defined directory with a unique filename (either based on subject + time or on random number). The text file format might be either plain or RTF. There is also possibility to launch a program with the saved file as a parameter.
  • Save attachments as files action - this action saves message's attachments to defined directory with possibility to launch a program with the saved attachment as a parameter. Filename for saved attached file can be unique.
  • Run a program
  • Set sender name - set the sender display name with the sender email address. This might be useful if you're going to import the messages to MS Access and you want to know the sender email address.

these actions can be performed on

  • incoming messages (inbox assistant)
  • outgoing messages (outbox assistant)
  • read messages (action is fired when unread message is read) - doesn't work with MS Outlook 98
  • created messages in folders (online folder assistant)
  • messages in selected folder (offline folder assistant)

it's possible to filter by these mail items

  • From (Sender) - searched in a display name or an email address or in both
  • To (Recipient) - searched in a display name or an email address or in both and in any combinations of To, Cc and Bcc Recipient Types
  • Internet email account
  • Address Type (SMTP, FAX, COMPUSERVE, EX, MS, ...)
  • Header
  • Has Attachments
  • Is Unread
  • Subject
  • Message
  • Message Size


  • Boolean expression in filter rules
  • Three methods of comparison text Items and entered values: FullString, SubString and Prefix.
  • Append signature to end of mail (It doesn't work with Microsoft Office 95 WordMail Extension). If ExSign add-ins is installed, ExLife's signature feature is switched off. ExLife can co-operate with ExSign's advanced signature.
  • Reply Form with defined (e.g. ">") prefix (RTF is supported)
  • Resend Form - easy way how to resend sent message. All information are taken from original message.
  • Virtual Folders - show only messages which fit to entered condition (e.g. unread messages, messages with attachments, ...)
  • Unlimited number of user defined filter rules.
  • supported ExHook 1.01 - ExLife's spooler message hook provider. To get more about ExHook and mainly to learn when you need to use it go to ExHook's page.
  • Import/Export filter rules and actions
  • Allow the user to show information about all recipients (To, Cc, Bcc) - in archived messages.
  • Managing ExLife's Buttons in toolbars (useful for Outlook)
  • Support for multiple exchange profiles.
  • Installation and deinstallation program


  • MS Windows 95/98 or MS Windows NT 3.51/4.0
  • MS Exchange Client (Windows Messaging) or MS Outlook 97/98/2000

Don't forget to visit ExLife FAQ page to learn more about some features.

More details about ExLife you can also gain from ExLife Online Documentation.


ExLife is not a free software

You have the opportunity to try the program 30 days at no charge to see if it meets your needs. If you continue to use the program after the evaluation, please order a license. Credit card ordering is available. More details you can find on Purchase a License page.

Also don't forget to visit the complete price list which inform you about various license types and quantity discounts.


Now, you can download 30 days trial version of ExLife.