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Page Setup
Header Templates
File Associations
Print Methods

Other Options

Print settings

Change file associations and print methods settings which is used for printing message body and attachments.

Use default file associations
Specifies whether to use default file associations to print methods for printing attachments
Use default print methods
Specifies whether use default print methods
File associations
Sets file associations to print methods for attachment types
Print methods
Defines print methods

HTML printer

Change the way how html emails and attachments are printed ("IE printer" can only print only to default printer).

Use internal HTML printer (result might look different from "IE printer")
Advantage is that you can specify printer, paper margins and orientation. Disadvantage is that printer output might look different than printed by Internet Explorer.
Use IE for printing html emails and attachments
It always prints to IE default printer and also all other settings are from Internet Explorer default settings.
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