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InboxRULES SE is a modular system which consists from server* side engine, actions and restrictions. Standard version of engine is free.

InboxRULES modularity allows you to install just Actions which you need.
If we don't offer actions you need, you can use InboxRULES SDK to build your own custom action.

Restrictions are part of engine but in the future we plan to offer some special restrictions as an add-in.
InboxRULES SDK will allow you to create a custom restriction if we don't offer a solution you need.

Actions: Choose actions according your needs.
Restrictions: Choose extra restrictions according your needs.


  • MS Windows NT Server 4.0, MS Windows 2000/2003 Server
  • MS Exchange Server 5.x or MS Exchange Server 2000/2003*

    * only MS Exchange 5.x is supported, MS Exchange 2000/2003 support will be added soon.

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