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Quick Start

  1. introduction
  2. requirements
  3. rules
    1. mailbox rules
    2. global rules
    3. public rules
  4. assistants
    1. inbox assistant
    2. folder assistant
  5. tutorial
    1. mailbox rule
    2. global rule
    3. public rule



InboxRULES SE is a modular system which consists from server* side engine, actions and restrictions. Standard version of engine is free.
More details you can find at this page.



  • MS Windows NT Server 4.0, MS Windows 2000/2003 Server
  • MS Exchange Server 5.x or MS Exchange Server 2000/2003 (not available yet)



    You can create three different kind of rules in InboxRULES: mailbox rules, global rules and public rules.

    mailbox rules

    Mailbox rules are different for each user mailbox. You create them for each mailbox separately.

    global rules

    Global rules are the same for all user mailboxes unless you exclude some from processing. You can either select all mailboxes or include only selected mailboxes or include all except selected mailboxes.

    public rules

    Public rules are created for public folders. You can again select which public folder you want to include to public folder rule.




    Assistants indicate when message is processed. We recognize two types of assistants: inbox assistant and folder assistant.

    inbox assistant

    Rules in inbox assistant are processed when message arrive to a mailbox.

    folder assistant

    Rules in folder assistant are processed when message is created in a folder.



    In this short tutorial we show you how to create, edit and delete mailbox, global and public rule.

    mailbox rule

    1. To create mailbox rule select 'Mailbox Rules' in left tree and press right button on mouse. In invoked pulldown menu select command 'New Mailbox...'.

    2. In dialog 'Select mailbox' choose mailbox for which you want to create a rule.

    3. Now you have create Inbox Assistant in mailbox mb01002.

      Press right button on mouse and from menu select 'New Rule'.

    4. You created a first blank rule in Inbox Assistant. You have to specify restrictions and actions for this rule. To enter restriction press 'Add' button under Restrictions list area.

      In next dialog select restriction type from Restriction list ('Message subject') and condition (contains value 'order'). More details about restrictions you can find in Restrictions section. Don't forget to press 'OK'.

    5. To enter action use similar method as described in previous item:
      To enter action press 'Add' button under Actions list area.

      In next dialog select action type from Action list ('Save message') and specify its options (more details you can find in Actions section).

    6. Don't forget to press 'OK' to close all dialog and then Save all changes.

      You need to restart service after adding a new rule.

    global rule

    public rule


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