InboxRULES for Outlook

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InboxRULES for Outlook (InboxRULES CE) is an add-in for MS Outlook for processing incoming and outgoing messages. They are processed when they arrive to MS Outlook or they are sent from it. If the message matches defined restrictions (boolean expression support) InboxRULES CE calls our actions. InboxRULES for Outlook is a client side engine which requires MS Outlook to run to process messages.

InboxRULES can help you to save and print messages, extract data from messages immediately when message arrives to MS Exchange Server mailbox or MS Outlook account.

Modular system of InboxRULES consists from client side engine for MS Outlook (InboxRULES CE) or MS Outlook Rules (InboxRULES RW), actionsand restrictions. Apart of standard actions and restrictions provided by us, it's possible to develop custom ones by using program API.

Now with MS Outlook 2010-2016 64bit support!

InboxRULES for Outlook 2.77 with MS Outlook 2010-2016 64bit support.

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inboxrules for outlook